How to choose the right outfit?

While choosing an outfit first make sure of the following points:

  • You are comfortable in that dress and you like the dress.
  • There is a perfect match of top-wear and bottom wear.
  • Choose the color according to the weather and occasion.

Women’s Outfit


Women’s clothes are pretty more colorful and in a variety of designs than men. So, there are large

options for preferences which becomes the reason for great confusion but, not so much! You should always try to look fresh, shiny, and simple.


Here are some options for most beautiful women’s outfits which can give a pretty look:



You can put a pair of a bright top with a jacket over that and shiny leggings or jeans in the bottom wear. Also, with that, you can make a fair combination of heeled ankle booties, scarf, and goggle.

Wearing stylish Kurtis with dark leggings, trousers can be a very good choice while going to college. Short Kurtis can be paired with jeans also and we can also put a jacket on that. It gives you a traditional look with a modern touch. You can wear it also in family functions like marriage party, puja, etc.

How to choose the right outfit?Shop

Palazzos are in fashion nowadays. It can be worn with crop tops while going to an outing with your friends. You can wear a plain palazzo with some printed top or a lined palazzo with a plane top.

How to choose the right outfitHow to choose the right outfit

You can also wear long skirts with crop tops for an extremely cool and casual look. It’s very famous in youngers. Also, it is a very comfortable and bright look. You should wear healed or flat sandals with this. You can also make it traditional for different family functions by adding suitable traditional pieces of jewelry on it.

How to choose the right outfitHow to choose the right outfit

The above outfits can be made more suitable and beautiful with perfect choice of accessories like earrings, chock, wristwatch, bracelet, etc and an appropriate hairstyle, make-up, and footwear.

Men’s Outfit

For men’s outfits also we have a lot of options, especially we are having a large variety of designs in the same dress nowadays like different designs in shirts, trousers, jeans are available there in the market. So here I have listed some of those amazing outfits:

If you are going for a formal meeting or party then you can prefer black, blue, or grey blazer pair as these all are considered as formal colors. Your shoes play a very important role here, they should also be formal. Wearing a shiny wristwatch will enhance your look as punctual, loyal and formal personality.

How to choose the right outfit

If you are going to a friend’s party so try to look attractive as well as natural because there you need to be the center of their focus. For that look, you can pursue a semiformal look and casual look as well depending upon the occasion and nature of the crowd there. You can wear a shiny blue, orange, black, brown shirt and blazer is optional there. Make sure your shoe has the right match with your dress. Don’t wear the shoe of opposite color that will odd.

How to choose the right outfitOuting with friends, this is a more comfortable and casual situation so you should always carry a casual look. You can wear a handsome pair of t-shirt and stylish jeans or trousers. The bottom can be check but make sure it has the combination of color which matches the top wear.

You can also add on a smart jacket over a t-shirt that makes your look more casual and attractive, additional to this you can wear stylish goggles, shoes, a slim beautiful neck chain.

How to choose the right outfitIf you are going for a family function, then you can wear a shirt with jeans or pants. The bottom should be dark and wear a stylish shirt to look different. If it is some kind of festival or pooja then wear colors like yellow, white, orange, red, etc, because these are more delighted colors.

How to choose the right outfitAt last, you can make all the above styles more beautiful by giving them a touch of your taste. No one can make you more beautiful or smart as you can do. Give some to the proper collection of dresses and other apparel because when you feel naturally beautiful, people will also like you in the same way.


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