About Us

Evilato, as the tagline says: Ab khwahish puri karega India, is an Indian e-commerce platform helping people to find their perfect look at their budget price. It has a unique collection of fashionable new dresses and at the same time allows you to sell your used clothes which are still in good condition.

Evilato is working for two main visions:

1. Fashion for the fashionable generation

Your clothes define your personality before you speak. Evilato is passionately working for the choice of the young generation of India. It has a unique collection of all types of accessories like clothes, shoes, bags etc. Evilato provides a quality product at your budget price, and every product is uniquely selected by the team then uploaded to our platform.

2. Sharing your fashionable collection

Evilato has another unique point of attraction which is it allows you to sell your used clothes which you don’t wear now, but they are still in a new-like condition.

As India is a country of festivals, we have a lot of clothes in our cupboard, but we still want to buy new for every function. On the other hand, buying new clothes, again and again, is also not economical and consumes a considerable part of our annual income.

Here, Evilato gives you a platform where you can sell your favourite dresses to someone who needs them. By doing this you can earn money for your new dress, and you are also helping others by sharing your dress collection at a lower price. Evilato also provides a shipping service means neither buyer nor seller has to go anywhere. We will pick up the product from the seller’s place and deliver it to the buyer’s place.

Thus, Evilato provides a complete solution for your wardrobe, i.e., making room for new clothes, earning money for new clothes and providing expensive clothes at an affordable price.

In short, Evilato is
A small step to bring a big change

Evilato: ” Ab khwahish puri karega INDIA”