About Us


Evilato is an online platform where you can sell/Buy your used expensive clothes, which are used once or twice, but in very good condition just like new and now only kept in cupboards and you don’t want to use them and earn money. In the same way you can also Sell/purchase Brand new clothes in very affordable price.

Evilato also provide shipping service means neither buyer nor seller have to go anywhere. We will pick up the product from seller’s place and deliver it to buyer’s place.

Evilato ”Ab khwahish puri krega INDIA” works on three things: Sell, Earn and Buy! We work for customer happiness, not to stand in competition; try to provide operational excellence, and work as long-term thinking.

Here are the things in which Evilato works:

1.     Selling Clothes Online and Make Money

This is the digital revolution, stable payment ways, improved logistics infrastructure, and online shoppers; there has been sky-up growth in the online market. So, we are giving this opportunity to use this advantage to everyone.

Some of the dresses we bought for some special occasions and after wearing them once, or twice we don’t like to wear them again. But still, those clothes are in good condition. And you are not getting any idea what to do with them. Evilato is the platform where you can sell those unusable clothes and earn money.

Wholesalers and manufacturers can also become vendors and sell there products (clothes, bags, footwears, jewellery) on Evilato. This is a opportunity to all vendors to grow there business. If any wholesaler/manufacturer has catalog of the products but facing issue in uploading products can contact us we will upload his/her product.

Evilato: sell used clothes online

  • You can sell any type of clothe except daily wear and undergarments which is in very good condition just like new.
  • Selling with Evilato is very easy because the whole process is online, you can sell product online directly from your mobile.
  • There is free listing on Evilato you don’t need to pay for sell your product.
  • Very easy process, just have to click photos, upload them and write description(size, fabric etc)
  • You will notify when your product will sold out.
  • Don’t worry your all information is safe with us we will not share your personal information with anyone; we hide sellers details for security purpose.
  • Payment: very simple once your product is sold we will pick up the product from your place after this within 4-5 days you will get payment in your account.


2.     Shopping from Evilato at very low price

evilato shop now

  • It is just like normal online shopping.
  • We provide both Cash On Delivery and Online payment option.
  • We take care of hygiene, we deliver product to your address after cleaning and proper packaging it.
  • We have Easy return policy you can return product within 48 hours after receiving it with a valid reason and get full payment back.

3.     Make Money Online

evilato earn money onlineIn Evilato you can make money online from Place. It’s time to sell with Evilato and earn money. This is the best or easy way of earning money. And also you can save money, buy expensive clothes at very low prices from Evilato. Here are two ways in which you earn money first, by selling your clothes, or the second one is saving money by purchasing clothes at a very affordable price.


Still thinking why to choose Evilato?

 So here are some more points-

Best categories in guaranteed best price

  • Men’s styling
  • Women’s fashion
  • Trendy kids
  • Jewellery
  • Stylish bags
  • Footwears

Best features-

  • Easy returns
  • Comfortable payment
  • 24*7 support
  • Free delivery

Our Visions:

  1. To make costly products affordable to all:
    Our prime aim is to provide different apparel at affordable price to those people who have the craze for fashion and technology but cannot afford it.
  2. To give opportunity for earning: We give you the opportunity to earn by selling your products which are still in usable condition.
  3. To make different products reusable:
    We support re-usability of clothes, articles etc to support Economy of India.
  4. To save Ecosystem: Evilato is also a helpful step in prime minister’s CLEAN INDIA mission, as it focuses on re-usability people will avoid to throw their good clothes, products, articles uselessly in the society even when they are still good to use.
  5. To save natural resources: By supporting to re-usability we wish to save different natural resources from where our daily products like clothes, jeweler etc is prepared.

In short Evilato is
A small step to bring a big change

Evilato: ” Ab khwahish puri krega INDIA”