Life Without color ! Can you Imagine??

Have you ever imagined your life without colors?  Have you wondered how this world look like without colors? Can you imagine your life without colors? I wonder if there would be no color so how our life would be?
Few of us have these same questions in our mind if so then this article would help you to imagine your life without colors

Our life would be boaring without colors. The colors which we see everyday representing our life and our emotional expressions like our love, joy, fun, anger, anxiety, sadness, happiness and excitement. The colors gives beauty to everything even it’s about our clothes, our home decorations and any festival celebration or occasions colors gives beauty to everything and makes us happiest.

life without color.If there would be no color our life would be like black and white pictures. The life would be like a blind person with no look of world beauty or no experience of our life joy.

How different colors impact our life 

There are so many situations when different colors affect our life. These can be understand following as:

  1. Colors make our life beautiful and easy

    colors make our life easy and happy because it represents the state of our mind and we express it.

life without color.

  1. Our actions and reactions color

    control and represent our actions and if something happens colors also even respond to our reactions. That’s why we all have colors for our traditions and festivals.

life without color.

  1. Affect your physical and mental health

    it has been confirmed in the research the dress of colors you are wearing can affect your physical and mental health​.

life without color.

  1. Way of thinking

    you may be thinking is it possible that color can change the way of your thinking that’s why the monks and other religions representatives wears saffron color it help us to keep calm and control over our thoughts.

life without color.

  1. Color represents life glory

    Our life is all about everything that we feel and experience so the color represents that’s glory of our life.

life without color.

  1. Colors make everything beautiful

    This is right that the colors makes everything beautiful that’s why we always heard that live colorful life.

  1. Channelise our Energy

    Colors help us in channelising our energy. We as an human or this whole works upon energy so in the same way if we have our different moods it releases the different energy that’s how color plays their role to control the energy.

  1. Without colors everything would be boring

    the main thing that everyone want that their life to be interesting, exciting and more colorful but without colors you can not expect all these things.

life without color.I hope this would help you to understand how our life would be without colors. Advice for all add more colors to and more experience to your life.

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