Really, do colors speak about you? Let’s try to find its answer. When you look at someone what is the very first thing that comes to your mind?? You definitely start creating your own opinion about that person’s behavior, nature, culture, etc. But on which bases you inculcate your thoughts? These may be:

  • Body language
  • Dressing
  • Color of the dress

Body language

Body language includes facial expression, gesture, posture and the way you walk. At the very first you try to read his mind through facial expressions whether he is an optimistic person or dis-satisfied with his life, his nature is adaptable or he is a conservative person. Although the facial expression can be trained but it is the thing that creates a direct image of your attitude in someone’s mind.

What is color psychology?


After the face, your attention will definitely towards the dressing in which you look at the dressing sense of that person then, which kind of dress he has worn. Like if someone has worn a strict formal dress then it will show that the person is highly concern about his work and he is confident in his look with appropriate body language.

What is color psychology?

How color?

  • At first, when we look at someone, we are strongly captured by the color of his dress and we all have our favourite colors which are somewhere directly related to our psychology.


  • Like if a person is calm, religious and believes in purity then he may prefer white color and if a person loves water, sky and stay cool always then he may like blue color.


  • So, in this sense, you can guess the psychological-strategy of the person by looking at his dress color. Also, the person sometimes chooses the color of the dress according to his mood as if he is happy then he can prefer some bright color e.g. yellow, blue, purple, orange, etc and if he is in the dark mood then he will wear anything normal without especially caring about colors.


What does your favourite color speak about you?

So, let’s see what different favourite colors mean?


  • Yellow color-Yellow color symbolize that you are an optimistic, cheerful, nature-loving person and also you are in a delighted mood.  You live life as you want to live, you have great enthusiasm and curiosity in learning and talking to people. So, if your favoritecolor is yellow then you might have heard from your friend as you seem very calm, happy and positive.

What is color psychology? 

  • Blue color-The Blue color is the symbol of coolness. If someone likes blue then he has a great attachment to water also he loves nature. This color is often related to the depth and stability of thoughts. It shows you are trustable, positive, loyal, wise, confident in your thoughts.

What is color psychology? 

  • Red color-As we all know it is the most attractive color in all and also the symbol of danger and anger. Regarding human, this color shows that the person is highly enthusiastic, creative and follow his own paths. You have a silent nature but rarely go against your beliefs. People always get attracted to you because of your energetic thoughts and shiny face.

Do colors speak about you? What is color psychology?

  • Black color-In earlier days this color was accepted as the symbol of black magic, dark thoughts, and all other negativity but with a change of the time and thoughts, this color has become the center of all fashion. Also, it has great importance in formal colors. This color implies the perfection and clarity of thoughts. If your favoritecolor is black then surely you a strong-minded personality and you observe things from their ideal situation.

Do colors speak about you? What is color psychology?

  • Pink color- Pink color shows childish, active and loving personality. These people live in their fantasy, they think by their heart rather than mind. The pink color is especially liked by women as they mostly have these qualities. Pink, as your favoritecolor, indicates that you take every problem in a very light and polite manner and never get distressed for the same.

Do colors speak about you? What is color psychology?

  • Green color- Green color describes the balancing of thoughts, enthusiasm and love for nature. You love to make friends and evenyou enjoy your time with nature.You have clarity of thoughts. You faith in naturality and your psychology is unique and deeply connected to nature.

Do colors speak about you? What is color psychology? 

What’s your psychology of colors? Please comment us your views below……………..



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