Summer Fashion Tips 2020: That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

If we talk about clothing then summer is my favourite season. Well, you will find lots of trending blogs or articles on what is on-trend, what is hot, what is the latest collection for summer so on. But I would like to share some summer tips that never go out of fashion. Always think about classic style, not as trends. That will work for you for many years.

This red-hot summer can make you sweaty, some of getting dehydrated and so many skin issues like; dry skin issues and it shows ageing and wrinkles. Some of the issues you can cover by clothing smartly and by wearing the right choice of clothes to beat the heat.

Some Summer Fashion Tips 2020

Light Colors work more than Dark

As we all know that black colour absorbs more heat. Lighter colours not only keep you cooler but also give a good summer vibe. You can wear dark colours like charcoal, black, dark blue, and violet but it doesn’t provide a light airy feel to you.

top 10 summer looks

Wear Loose Clothes

In hot sunny summer, you should avoid tight clothes. Because in summer your blood vessels tend so, your body is required to be cool to release heat from the body, so loose clothes always help you to make you feel cool, and for proper blood circulation in your body.

summer fashion tips 2020

Make Right Choice of the Clothes in summer

Most of the people think that summer means shorts, dresses, and sleeveless apparel. But these are not always the correct option for you. They expose your skin with sun rays because these rays create UV rays and damage your skin and so many other problems like heat rashes.  While some people use sunscreen before going out, lots of people don’t do this and leave their skin exposed. And there are many issues you may face due to this hot sunny summer. So, always try to wear loose clothes and clothes that cover the full-body, like loose pants or long skirts with tops.

Natural Makeup is best

I would like to tell you that nothing is worse than using ton makeup on hot summer days. Always use feathery and natural makeup in midsummer days. Avoid dark shadows, heavy black liner on eyes, dark lipsticks and heavy foundation. Instead of it use natural and lighter eyeliner, tinted moisturizers and nude, tinted balms and rose stains so on.

While using foundation, I would like to tell you to wear tinted moisturizer when attending summer events. To put on an attractive glow add a liquid highlighter to your summer makeup.

Flory Tops, Dresses & Skirts are far better than Form-Fitting

In summer light fabrics that float in the wind always prefer. So, in the summer Lovin aura choose flowy clothes in place of anything tight on the skin. Prefer light cotton, silk, chiffon, lace and crochet. This comes to everything: skirts, tops, shorts and so on.

There are two main reasons for it. The first summer is too hot and too tight makes your clothes sweaty. Second flowing dresses and summer go hand in hand.

summer fashion tips 2020

Off-the-Shoulder Tops and Dresses are Always Fashionable

There are lots of year off-shoulder dresses that are trendy. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are modern every sunny season. Don’t think much about trends and replacements. Because these are fashionable and you can wear them every year.

summer fashion tips 2020

If you only have One Handbag, Go with a Neutral Brown

If you are going to out summer with only one handbag, so I would like to suggest you go with neutral earth-tone brown. Go for a hot summer handbag that is not constructing much and that one you can wear every summer.

top 10 summer looks

Hats are Always a Good Idea

top 10 summer looks

In summers everyone must have their hats.  But if you are finding means you are not able to get the perfect one for you. Stylish hats highlight your summer style and also save you from harmful sun rays. I mostly like wide brim straw fedora and rancher-fashionable hats. If you are not getting an idea which is best for you, then take a trip to your local hat shops. And you can take help from experts also. Next question arises what to do with the hairs in too hot summer.

Braid your Hair or Make a Bun

In hot summers hairstyle is the main issue. At that movement, I would like to suggest you make a braid or wear it in a bun. You can make a braid, ponytail, or bun full summer. Well, braids always work in summer.

summer fashion tips 2020


Wear Earth Tones Jewellery

Which type of jewellery to wear in summer is the most important question? Avoid putting large statement jewellery in dark or jewel tones; Earth tone jewellery is the summer fashion calls. Try to wear bracelets, necklaces, and prefer earrings in blues, gold, turquoise, pink, green, brown or also you can put cotton patterned bracelets.

To reduce hectic summer wear a simple ton of bracelets and earrings and necklaces should be simple. For your summer clothing tries to wear neutral colour jewellery.

Chinos are the Best Option for Hot Sunny Summer

Chinos come in a variety of colours, length, and style is the best option for the women’s in summer. Chinos are similar to denim and are also more comfortable apparel.  So, this summer adds it on your list because you can use it every year.

summer fashion tips 2020

Own at least one Striped Shirt

The striped shirt is an amazing and perfect summer choice. It is very comfortable. And it’s classic style makes it the best outfit in summer. You can wear anything with a striped shirt like; skirts, shorts, pants, denim or anything else.


I hope this article on summer fashion tips 2020 is helpful to you to find an idea of what to wear in summer. That makes you stylish and trendy.

Stay safe and stay stylish!

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